Welcome to CHB!

CHB is a multi-functional website, offering many services for friends and family of the CHB group. We offer chat services, cloud storage, a social hub, and more.

About CHB

CHB started back in 2004 by Devin Prince, a.k.a. Semperverus, and friends. The acronym "CHB" actually has no meaning, and is just pronounced "Cee-Ache-Bee". Likewise, the group itself has no one particular focus. We generally like games of all sorts. See our guild page for more info.

Honorable mentions for filling in the CHB acronym have included "Come Have Beers" (our current guild name), and "Chronic Hepatitis-B" (provided by AtlasRune). These are all unofficial, and you can make up your own if you like.

Fun fact: CHB was founded before XKCD (2006), making us the first site/group to use meaningless acronyms.